The Poetronicart projects born within the Village

The village is a place rich of contaminations and creations. Within it, with the support of Poetronicart expertise, new projects born and new artistic expressions take place. These are just a few

Art and digital combined to generate value

P-Services offered

Taylored services that we offer to our exhibitors to speed up the creation process


We create multimedia contents: publishing plans, images, videos, podcasts and sound products


We develop mobile apps and websites with specific focus on AR and VR implementation


We offer economic-financial consulting services, employing all our know-how and network

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Poetronicart s.r.l. Start-up innovativa
insediata presso BIC Incubatori FVG

Via Flavia 23/1 – 34148 | TRIESTE
Via Ofanto 18 – 00198 | ROMA
Via Nino Bixio 19 – 20123 | MILANO

P. IVA IT01282080322
Cap. Soc. € 137.750,00 I.V.
Codice destinatario: M5UXCR1

Last P-Magazine articles

 “POETRONICART 4.0: COMPLETAMENTO DELL’INFRASTRUTTURA TECNOLOGICA” project has obtained a funding of 40.230,32 Euro from the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia on the call “POR FESR 2014-2020. Attività 2.3.b.1 bis – Aiuti agli investimenti e riorganizzazione e ristrutturazione aziendale delle PMI”. The information and communication technology investment project aims to “COMPLETARE, IMPLEMENTARE, CONSOLIDARE E INTEGRARE L’INFRASTRUTTURA TECNOLOGICA DI POETRONICART”, coherently to its “MARKETPLACE E MULTIPIATTAFORMA DIGITALE” integrated nature, multichannel and multidevice, designed to provide and make available tools and new technologies selected and created to support art and cultural operators subscribed to the platform, to regulate and renew the market through blockchain ledgers and to better manage the community.